Our Brand New TV Adverts - Spot the Difference

It's finally here! We've had a break from your screens for a bit, but now we're back...

It’s finally here! We’ve had a break from your screens for a bit, but now we’re back. You may be an eagle-eyed Emmerdale fan, knowing your Dingles from your Bartons, and knowing who lives at Dale View Cottage, but does this aquiline ability extend to the advert breaks? If so, you may have noticed that we’ve brought out some new TV adverts. Yes, you read that right: adverts. Plural.

There are currently two brand new Emmerdale Studio Experience TV adverts running on ITV at the moment and each is slightly different from the other. The adverts – if you haven’t seen them – are not just a showcase of the Emmerdale Studio Experience and what you can expect on the tour, but they also provide a welcome game when sitting through the adverts waiting for Emmerdale to come back on.

When you’re sitting through the commercials, why not try to spot the difference between the two ads? We’ve posted one below, to give you a head start, but you’ll have to tune in to ITV (from Emmerdale to Loose Women, The Chase to Jeremy Kyle) to try to spot the differences between them.

Emmerdale Studio Experience brand new TV ads

So next time the Emmerdale ad break comes on, while you wait for the kettle to boil for that midway cuppa, try to spot the difference between our two adverts.

Spotted all the differences? Want to live the adverts? Then come on down to the Emmerdale Studio Experience! Book your tickets online now.