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An Evening with Bill Ward

Wednesday 2nd August 2017
Bill Ward: “Being here with you all in The Woolpack tonight is pretty bizarre, actually! The detail, the scale, the entire set is extremely life-like, really accurate. It's all rather weirdly familiar!" 

Although his character, James Barton, was killed off in October 2016 during the tumultuous Super Soap Week when he became the focal point of one of the show's most shocking stunts, Bill Ward returned to the scene of the crime on Friday 7th July at the Emmerdale Studio Experience. 

We loved welcoming guests to An Evening with Bill Ward, where he spilled some secrets about his time on the show, revealing how it felt to plan for the epic car crash catastrophe that led to James Barton's demise. And how he suspected on-screen wife Emma Barton would have a hand in it, stating: "Gillian and I were filming a scene in a barn about a year and a half before all of this, where Emma Barton ended up dropping a very large and heavy pallet of animal feed on his head, and I remember reading the script, and seeing a descriptive in bold capital letters that said ‘She does this on purpose. James doesn't realise…’ and that’s when I knew he was going to get killed by her. It was only ever going to be a question of when.”

Our special 'An Evening with...' events continue with An Evening with Sammy Winward on Friday 29th September. If you haven't had chance to come to one of them, don't worry! Keep your eyes peeled for events we have planned for the future.