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An Evening with Kelvin Fletcher

Monday 1st May 2017
Kelvin Fletcher returned to Emmerdale last Thursday - well, kind of. He visited the studios he used to film in for a special guest appearance, in the first of many special events to be hosted at the Emmerdale Studio Experience. Fans were treated to a full tour of the studio experience, revving up their Emmerdale excitement, before being greeted by Kelvin with a smile and a pint in the replica Woolpack set.

Kelvin - who played Andy Sugden from 1996 to 2016 - grew up on the show, and talked candidly about his development both on and off-screen. Divulging everything from his nerves at bagging the role of Andy to his final filming day where his scenes were watched by friends and family. Looking wistfully at the studio, where Emmerdale was filmed for many years, Kelvin said: "It’s just so surreal. I mean, we filmed on this very studio floor for years, oh if walls could talk! We could easily be in the real thing right now!”

As for his future plans and if Andy would return, Kelvin admitted his life was taking a different path - for the time being at least. He said: “It’s the old cliché of never say never, I like the fact that I don’t know what’s around the corner. Emmerdale was my life for so many years but, for now, I’m ready to take on a new challenge. I’m a husband, I’m a dad, I’m a professional racing driver… things have changed massively for me in the last few months and that’s so exciting.”

Kelvin touched upon his racing career and how he found the transition from being in the spotlight to living life in the fast lane. He answered fans' questions on his acting, his dancing, even his singing - and what roles he might like to take on in the future. He was hopeful and optimistic about what the future would hold post-Andy Sugden. Whatever that may be, it's clear that the fan-base he cultivated at Emmerdale are rooting for him, as a testament to his popularity.

Kelvin did confirm a return - in a visiting capacity at least, determined to put our tour guides' knowledge to the test with a trip to the Emmerdale Studio Experience with his family.

Fans at the event ranged from those who have watched Andy grow up onscreen - to three day old Theo, who was enjoying his first family outing and meeting his first Emmerdale star.

As well as the tour, and the question-and-answer session with Kelvin, guests were served a traditional Yorkshire pie and pea supper that would make Marlon proud. And Kelvin didn't hold back with the anecdotes and stories about his time on Emmerdale, feeding fans' curiosity and excitement and dazzling them as only an actor from their favourite show could.

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