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Emmerdale's 45th Birthday

Monday 16th October 2017
Emmerdale is officially 45! In its four and a half decades on air, the show has taken us on emotional rollercoasters, will-they-won't-they trysts, and dropped planes, trains, and automobiles on characters as they navigate life in the most dramatic village in Yorkshire. 

To celebrate, we had a special visit from two fan favourites of Emmerdale's past. Joe Sugden - a member of the seminal family that made farming the 'in thing', played by Frazer Hines - and Kathy Tate/Bates/Glover/Merrick/Brockman, who's scrapes with near-death almost match the number of names she has taken on the show, played by Malandra Burrows. Malandra and Frazer were excited to be back at a place that meant so much to both of them, and we were ecstatic to infuse the modern Emmerdale with a call back to Emmerdale's roots. 

 We were also pleased to be able to invite two Facebook competition winners to meet and greet Frazer and Malandra.

frazer-malandra-guests.jpg Frazer-malandra-resized-(3).jpg

Malandra Burrows is set to return to the Emmerdale Studio Experience for a series of meet & greet tours on Saturday 24th February 2018