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1972 Prices - Pay Just £1.62 for Emmerdale's 45th birthday

Wednesday 20th September 2017

On Monday 16 October 2017 Emmerdale will have been on air for 45 years! To celebrate we're throwing it back to 1972. The show has packed an awful lot of drama into those years - births, deaths, marriages, affairs, car crashes, and even a fair few storylines involving sheep! To commemorate the day, while we can't offer you a 19p pint or a 4p paper as it would have been back in 1972, we can offer you tickets booked for tours on the 16th October at just £1.62 - the cost of a ticket to visit us 45 years ago.

(Left: Amos Brearly and the original Jack Sugden in The Woolpack)