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Key Stage 3

Our KS3-specific resources will aid your learning experience to the Emmerdale Studio Experience:

  • Pre-visit resources will guide pupils to understand that soap operas use a variety of methods to create characters and storylines. They will examine stereotypes and archetypes to develop their own characters and write a script including edge-of-the-seat cliff hangers.
  • On their 80-minute guided tour of the Emmerdale Studio Experience, pupils will see first-hand how teams of professionals turn scripts into the finished episode, using sets, props, special effects, and of course actors!
  • Our 45-minute FREE* optional workshop deconstructs a real scene from script to screen, where pupils can see original materials that the production crew used up-close!
  • Post-visit resources guide pupils to put their learning into practice. Pupils will research different job roles in making a television drama and will use the knowledge of the production process to create their own filmed sequence for a soap opera drama.
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English National Curriculum Links

Our education programme at the Emmerdale Studio Experience perfectly contextualises statutory requirements within the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum for English, Computing and PSHE:
  • Pupils should be taught to write for a wide range of purposes and audiences, including: well-structured formal expository and narrative essays and stories, scripts and other imaginative writing
  • Pupils should use discussion to learn; they should be able to elaborate and explain clearly their understanding and ideas.
  • Pupils are responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology.
  • Pupils should understand a range of ways to use technology safely, respectfully, responsibly and securely, including protecting their online identity and privacy; recognise inappropriate content, contact and conduct and know how to report concerns.
  • Pupils should know that there are different types of work, including employment, self-employment and voluntary work; that everyone has a ‘career’ which is their pathway through life, education and work.

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