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Key Stage 4

Our KS4-specific resources will aid your learning experience to the Emmerdale Studio Experience:

  • Pre-visit resources focus on the narrative elements of the production process and introduce the key concept of narrative, and the role of narrative theorists in its analysis. They will learn to apply Vladimir Propp’s character types to visual texts including an Emmerdale storyline.
  • On their 80-minute guided tour of the Emmerdale Studio Experience, students will see first-hand how teams of professionals turn scripts into the finished episode, using sets, props, special effects, and of course actors!
  • Our 45-minute FREE* optional workshop deconstructs a real scene from script to screen, where pupils can see original materials that the production crew used up-close!
  • Post-visit resources guide pupils to put their learning into practice. Students will research different job roles in making a television drama and will use the knowledge of the production process to create their own filmed sequence for a soap opera drama.

GCSE Specification Links

Our education programme at the Emmerdale Studio Experience perfectly contextualises statutory requirements within the Key Stage 4 Exam Board Specifications for Media and Film Studies. Exam Board Link:  Theories of narrative, including those derived from Propp (character types).

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