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Key Stage 5

Our KS5-specific resources will aid your learning experience to the Emmerdale Studio Experience:

  • Pre-visit resources focus on the narrative elements of the production process and key characteristics of a typical narrative: cause and effect, the overcoming of obstacles and characters. Specifically, they will be able to use Tzvetan Todorov’s equilibrium framework, Levi-Strauss’s binary opposition model and Vladimir Propp’s model to visual texts including an Emmerdale storyline.
  • On their 80-minute guided tour of the Emmerdale Studio Experience, students will see first-hand how teams of professionals turn scripts into the finished episode, using sets, props, special effects, and of course actors! 
  • Our 45-minute FREE* optional workshop deconstructs a real scene from script to screen, where pupils can see original materials that the production crew used up-close!
  • Post-visit resources guide pupils to put their learning into practice. Students will research different job roles in making a television drama and will use the knowledge of the production process to create their own filmed sequence for a soap opera drama.
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A level Specification Links

Our education programme at the Emmerdale Studio Experience perfectly contextualises statutory requirements within the Key Stage 5 Exam Board Specifications for Media and Film Studies:
  • Identify the enabling theories, key ideas and terms that constitute key theoretical aspects of media language.
  • Demonstrate the ability to plan and construct media products using appropriate technical and creative skills.

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